Episode Twenty-Seven – Tom Harpole and Andrew Garcia

For this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with our good friend Tom Harpole about his collection, Regarding Willingness. Tom wrote for national magazines for decades, but this collection consists of personal essays that Tom wrote through the years about his adventures in various parts of the world, including skydiving in Russia, and going along for a ride with one of the ice road truckers in Alaska. He also nearly cut off his own arm with a chainsaw, so Tom’s life has never been dull.



We paired his book with what is considered a classic Montana adventure story, Tough Trip Through Paradise, by Andrew Garcia. This book was written in the early twentieth century and was tucked away in a safe for decades before an editor named Ben Stein from Livingston discovered the manuscript and polished it up and got it published. The story’s veracity has come into question over the years, but there’s no questioning Mr. Garcia’s ability to tell a captivating story.



We’d like to thank our amazing sponsor, Isle of Books in Bozeman, and Isle of Books and Books in Butte, both owned by Medellee Anotonioli and Susan Rosten.



1 comment on “Episode Twenty-Seven – Tom Harpole and Andrew Garcia

  • Linda Heidle says:

    Great interview. I grew up in Avon, would love to know about that story. Guess I need to get Tom’s book and read about his adventures. (Also liked the rooster in the background.)

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