Episode Thirty-Two – Charles Finn and Barbara Michelman, Donna Lucey and Evelyn Cameron



On a Benediction of  Wind was just named the winner of the Montana Book Award days before we recorded this episode, so we’re thrilled to feature the beautiful poetry of Charles Finn, and talk to him and Barbara Michelman about how they came to create this fabulous collaboration of poetry and black and white photography.

Photo of Charles Finn by Lynn Donaldson


You can order On a Benediction of Wind at Chatwin Books, which is linked here:


Barbara suggested the second book, and it was a perfect choice, as Evelyn Cameron has become renowned for her early photographs of rural Montana. Cameron’s photographs were largely unknown until a writer from back east, Donna Lucey, heard that a woman who lived near Terry, Montana had a collection of glass plate negatives in her basement, and Lucey gained the trust of Janet Williams and gained access to this remarkable early day collection of incredible photographs.



We’d like to thank the Montana Arts Council for their generous contribution to Breakfast in Montana, as well as our sponsor, Isle of Books and Isle of Books and Books.


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