Episode Twenty-Two – Doug Peacock and William Kittredge


For our twenty-second episode, we had the great pleasure of sitting down for over an hour with Doug Peacock, who has been fighting to save the grizzly bear for decades now, and when you read his fabulous book, Grizzly Years, you get a deeper understanding of why he has such a passion for this cause. After Doug returned from his tour in Vietnam, during the worst years of the war, he escaped into the wilderness to try and find some healing, and Grizzly Years is his account of that period in his life, as well as a powerful memoir of his time in Vietnam.


We paired Doug with one of the legends of Montana literature, William Kittredge, who just passed away in December of 2020. Kittredge was the director of the Creative Writing program at the University of Montana for decades, and he also co-edited with is partner, Annick Smith, what has become a classic anthology, The Last Best Place. Kittredge and Smith also produced two films, Heartland and A River Runs Through It. For this episode, we discuss one of Kittredge’s lesser known books, The Nature of Generosity.


As always, we want to thank our sponsors, The Isle of Books in Bozeman, Montana, and Chapter One Bookstore in Hamilton, Montana. Please visit their websites if you want to order either of these books or any of the books we discuss on our podcast.

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